G.L. Electronic s.r.o. is one of the organisations that is actively involved in the SALTO project, a pioneering initiative that is driving advancements in Europe’s first reusable launch vehicle technology.

Expertise and experience of G.L. Electronic

As a Czech-based company, G.L. Electronic specializes in the manufacturing of electronic equipment tailored for the aerospace sector, boasting over 15 years of dedicated service within the space industry. Our core competencies encompass the assembly of printed circuit boards, as well as the comprehensive provision of design, assembly, testing, and integration services for wiring harnesses and other electronic components.

A prominent aspect of our expertise is the development, production, testing, and integration of flight devices. Within the framework of the SALTO project, our responsibilities encompass the development of electronic cards, hardware (HW) development, software (SW) driver preparation, as well as conducting essential measurements and sample testing. Our quality assurance process includes rigorous assessments involving vibration, thermal, and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. Moreover, we are committed to delivering extensive, long-term technical and consultancy support across the spectrum of flight equipment design, production, testing, and integration.

G.L. Electronic’s role in the SALTO project under Horizon Europe

Our highly skilled team is poised to make significant contributions to the SALTO project through the development, implementation, and testing of universal VPX standard electronic cards designed for the Themis demonstrator. Within the VPX framework, we create a “breadboard” (BB) model, serving as a platform for verifying electrical functionality. It’s important to note that this model does not yet possess the necessary immunity to withstand the rigors of space and rocket conditions. Toward the project’s conclusion, we will introduce a sample engineering qualification model (EQM), which closely mirrors the properties of the flight model (FM). The EQM undergoes rigorous testing on the demonstrator, and adjustments may be made based on the test outcomes. The ultimate FM model is set to be developed within the SALTO project’s scope.

Our manufacturing and integration processes

Manufacturing and integration activities conform to the stringent standards established by the European Space Agency (ESA) ECSS and take place in ISO 8 certified cleanrooms situated in the city of Brno. Our operators and inspectors maintain certification to ESA ECSS standards. We are also proud to offer cleanroom testing services and operate a test laboratory accredited in accordance with the international standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

G.L. Electronic’s diverse project portfolio

In addition to our involvement in the SALTO project, we have garnered substantial experience from various space missions and projects. Notable endeavors include our contributions to missions such as HERA, MWI MetOpSG, VEGA SSMS POC (innovative dispenser), EXOMARS (cable and PCB components), JUICE MGAMA (cable harnesses for satellite communication antennas destined for Jupiter), as well as electronic systems for the International Space Station (ISS). Currently, we are supplying cable harnesses for projects like TRITON-X, ARIEL, ROSE-L, and CIMR, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to space exploration and technology advancement.

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